TJ Squared Shanghai


Once a vision - today a proven set-up

Our company was founded on one clear vision: To be truly specialised in supplying custom-made visual merchandising display, and to create the ideal and most competitive set-up in our industry.

A set-up that enables the design of outstanding and innovative custom-made visual merchandising displays, and produces them in a fully flexible and controlled production set-up.

TJ Squared is a Danish company that has established its entire operation in China since 2005.

We come with our Danish design background and have an international team of professional designers and technicians. This enables us to ‘speak the language of our customers’ in terms of understanding design, detail and quality.

Having our entire operation in China, allows us to manage a highly cost-effective set-up. This enables very competitive prices.

We provide a complete service range from the conceptual idea and design to manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

Over the years we have established a wide network of production partners in China and South East Asia, giving access to a wide range of materials and manufacturing methods.

Furthermore, we established our own manufacturing plant in 2013. Here we consolidate many visual merchandising display parts and components made by our production partners, and carry out final assembly and packing/co-packing according to customers’ worldwide distribution needs.

The combined set-up, of production partners and our own manufacturing plant, is ideal. It is fully flexible and gives us unlimited production possibilities, while ensuring quality control and delivery consistency.

Over the years, we have successfully supplied a vast number of custom-made visual merchandising displays to our loyal portfolio of international brands. Our set-up is proven!

TJ Squared was founded by two Danes

Torben Jørgensen: A Danish designer, who – for more than 25 years – has specialised in store design and visual merchandising display for international brands all over the world. Countries he has lived and worked in include: Denmark, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore and China.

Thomas Jespersen: A Danish businessman, who has over 20 years of experience in finance, administration and trading from holding senior managerial positions in large international companies.

TJ x TJ = TJ2 = TJ squared