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Code of conduct

Corporate social responsibility

TJ Squared’s general position on corpo­rate social responsibility is outlined in our Code of Conduct, which addresses human rights, ethical and environ­mental behaviour in connection with our business. It is drawn up with reference to the relevant ILO and UN conventions.

TJ Squared takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. We have formulated our own Code of Conduct (CoC), which we require all of our main production partners to abide by. 

Before entering into a business relationship with a partner, we will audit the factory. This is followed by audits conducted by external companies at regular intervals on selected production partners.

If any breaches of CoC should be discovered, a remediation plan will be jointly drafted immediately and agreed upon by our production partner.

TJ Squared believes that by taking this approach, we can actually contribute more towards meeting social and environmental standards than by simply rejecting all manufacturers, who initially may not necessarily live up to our CoC.

As stated in our CoC, we will take the cultural differences and local factors into conside­ration, but we will not compromise on the fundamental human rights, basic require­ments regarding health and safety, and environmental protection.

Please refer to our Code of Conduct

Please refer to our Environmental Approval - 公示说明

CSR at TJ Squared Plant

Providing custom-made visual merchandising display to well-known international brands, means that our customers require us to frequently undergo CSR audits by external companies.

We are proud to state that our plant meets the international audit standards - every time!