Designing in-store window decorations


Complete service range

We can provide a complete solution from design to manufacture and delivery of custom-made visual merchandising displays. Alternatively, we can manufacture any display product according to our customers’ designs.


Concept & Design

We create a conceptual idea and/or a theme for a particular campaign, which we illustrate through mood boards.

With the developed conceptual idea and/or the theme, we will design specific window and in-store visual merchandising displays, which typically include design of individual decoration elements in terms of shape, look and appearance. This is illustrated through 3D visualisation.


Technical development & Prototype

Through research and development and our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to identify the most suitable materials, technical solutions and production methods in regards to both appearance and cost. This is documented by our detailed 2D & 3D technical production drawings.

During this process, various prototypes are made at different stages for verifications, and a final prototype is made using actual materials and surface treatments. This prototype is then used for reference at mass production.


Production & Quality assurance

From our extensive production partner network built over the years, we are able to appoint the most suitable manufacturers based on our selection criteria including quality, price and lead-time. A detailed production plan is laid out including setting up of a particular production line with required manufacturing processes, in order to secure the most efficient mass production work flow.


We specify quality standards and requirements based on which we establish critical production steps. Detailed on-site quality control and documentation are being carried out throughout all production phases accordingly.


Consolidation & Distribution

Custom-made visual merchandising displays typically consist of many different components. At our manufacturing plant, we receive these components from our numerous production partners, and carry out the final assembly and packing/co-packing. This enables us to ensure quality control and delivery consistency.


We handle delivery logistics for worldwide distribution based on detailed planning, including booking of transportation space and settling of export/import documents and procedures according to agreed trading terms.