Point of Sale Display, Paper Flower


Custom-made visual merchandising display

TJ Squared is a unique provider of custom-made visual merchandising display for international brands. We are truly specialised and have an ideal business model: one of the most competitive in our industry.


Our business model

Danish company // We have strong design expertise and technical know-how, rooted in our Danish design background.

Located in China // We have an extremely cost effective set-up, which enables us to offer highly competitive prices.

International set-up // Our team of Key Account Managers from all over Europe speak your language – aligning us across communication, design and quality.

Complete service range // We offer a complete range of services from initial concept and design to manufacturing and worldwide distribution. A true one-stop-shop!

Production partners // We have access to any material and manufacturing method maginable, enabling unlimited production possibilities.

In-house manufacturing plant // We consolidate visual merchandising display parts and carry out final assembly and co-packing in our own 5.000 sqm factory. Enabling full quality control and delivery consistency – every time!

Corporate Social Responsibility // Throughout our whole value chain, we ensure that we live up to best CSR practices, and regularly undergo CSR Audits.